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Business Department

About us

Our most important and biggest task is the administration of the annual budget of the ÖH FH Campus Wien: We prepare the annual budget, take care of account setup and management and prepare the annual financial statement and the current accounting together with the chairperson.

We also publish the financial regulations, create forms for economic processing and train representatives (colleagues in the university council, student representatives and year representatives) on the important economic topics for the representative work.

Important documents for the finances of the ÖH FH Campus Wien:    
You need money for a representative meeting for your course of study, special software, a Christmas party, etc., then apply for support with the
expense form from the ÖH FH Campus Wien. 
If it is an event, you will also need a participation list. 
If you want to have travel costs reimbursed (e.g. for a training course or a meeting), you need this form: Reimbursement of travel expenses

If you have any questions about our work, you can contact us at!

Department team

team member 1

Nada Yassin

economic officer


Salma Dawoud

deputy economic officer

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Magdalena Polsterer