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What is the ÖH FH Campus Wien?


We represent your interests!

The Student Union at the University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna - also called ÖH FHCW for short - is the elected representation of all students at the FH Campus Wien. We represent you vis-à-vis the university management and politics, campaign for better study conditions and help you overcome the hurdles of your studies with counseling services.
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Our basic values


We advocate for a university of applied sciences where everyone can study; free from discrimination and disadvantage.


As your representative, we are here for you when you need us. We distribute our funds to students who desperately need them.


All students who identify with our core values and goals are invited to join us!

We know that society does not stop at the FH entrance. As students, we are one of the shaping forces of our environment. We are therefore fully committed to the so-called general political mandate of the ÖH and advocate for an equal and liberated society.

The levels of representation

Federal Representation

The federal representation represents all students in Austria. It has its headquarters in Vienna.

The federal representation represents student interests vis-à-vis the federal government, carries out public relations work, organizes congresses and conferences, networks the local university representations, offers advice on various topics and produces helpful information materials. In addition, the federal representation is a member of the European Students' Union (ESU), which represents student interests at the European level.

University Representation

Every university has a university representative body. At the FHCW it consists of a parliamentary assembly of currently 9 mandataries, who are elected every two years via electoral lists. The AGM is the central decision-making body of the entire ÖH FHCW. It elects the chair of the executive of the university representation, as well as the speakers who are in charge of the different working areas.

It is clear that service alone cannot solve all the problems of students. Rather, an active and assertive ÖH is needed! However, opinions differ on the question of which political line the ÖH should follow. Therefore, the ÖH elections are not based on an election of persons, but by political groups, which are filled by honorary students of the FHCW. After the ÖH elections in May 2021, the mandate distribution will be as follows:

5 VSSTÖ FHCW (Verband Sozialistischer Student*innen)
Lea Bienzle, Lubna Morad, Salma Dawud, Larissa Fiona Andracik, Florian Atzinger

3 Team FHCW
Angelika Pecha, Timmo Achsel, Viktoria Stark

1 AG FHCW (Aktionsgemeinschaft)
Jörg Treiber

The executive of the university representation of the ÖH FHCW is formed by the Association of Socialist Students* since July 2021.

Student Representation

The StV is your first point of contact for all study matters, especially those that are directly related to your field of study. For example, if there are problems with lecturers or courses or if you don't know your way around somewhere.

At the FHCW, by resolution of the university council, individual study representatives are combined into so-called study representatives - that is, your study program and other study programs from your department have a joint study representative. You can find your student representatives in the portal under representative bodies.

You can have a say in who should be active in the StV from your field of study during the ÖH elections. You can also nominate yourself (at the StV level, no political groups are elected, but individuals).

Some fields of study at the FHCW do not have a student council, since no one ran in the 2021 ÖH election. In this case, please contact the university representative directly with all issues.