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Our chairmanship team introduces itself

Hello, we are your chair team!

As the ÖH chair team, we manage all agendas of the ÖH and are the mouthpiece of all students of the FH Campus Wien.

We coordinate the activities and projects of the departments, organize the daily routine with the office staff and realize some important projects of the ÖH such as the psychotherapy project.
We hold discussions with the university management, the department heads, but also with politicians and other stakeholders in order to make the interests of our colleagues heard.

Lea Bienzle


Hey, I'm Lea and I'm currently in my sixth semester of Social Work. I've already worked as an advisor within the women's policy and anti-discrimination department for one semster and am now motivated to return to ÖH work after my semester abroad. 

As chair I support the departments in their critical work and attempt to raise the students' concerns to the university administration.

It is particularly important to me to make the university fully accessible to all students and not to look the other way when it comes to cases of injustice. And naturally the whole thing still needs to be fun. 

You can reach me anytime via my e-mail or just come talk to me at the campus. 


Florian Atzinger

2. stellvertretender Vorsitzender


I'm Flo, 26 years old and I study health and nursing at the FH Campus Vienna at one of the external locations. I have been a member of the team at the external locations department for a semester and have found my fire for student representation there.

As vice chair I want to be open to all students and strive for improvements together. Additionally, along with Larissa we serve as pillars of support for our chair Lea.

Collectively, we support ALL our departments and ensure smooth sailing. A huge concern of mine is to transform the FHCW into a place for everyone and to embrace that!

If you want to learn more about our work you can find loads of information on our website! Additionally, I'm available anytime via email or simply in the halls of the FH Campus Vienna & Donaustadt!

Larissa Fiona Andračik

2. deputy chairwoman


I'm Larissa Fiona Andracik and I study healthcare and nursing. Standing up for people has always been an issue close to my heart, which is why I have committed myself to advocate for people within and outside the FH Campus Vienna. This is why I've been responsible for everything relating to the external sites in the past.

As the 2. deputy chairwoman and student of healthcare and nursing chairpersonship I hope to be a mouthpiece for everyone within our course of studies.

Privately I advocate for animal well-being and personally live a vegan lifestyle. Furthermore I stand up for people who have had experiences with racism and discrimination within the healthcare system. Apart from these things, however, of course I never forget to have some fun. In my free time I like to travel, go climbing, spend some quality time with my family and learn about new languages and cultures.

You can primarily find me at the Campus Donaustadt and in the library at the FH Campus Vienna. If you spot me, don't hesitate to come up to me or just write me an email anytime.