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Our chairmanship team introduces itself

Hello, we are your chair team!

As the ÖH chair team, we manage all agendas of the ÖH and are the mouthpiece of all students of the FH Campus Wien.

We coordinate the activities and projects of the departments, organize the daily routine with the office staff and realize some important projects of the ÖH such as the psychotherapy project.
We hold discussions with the university management, the department heads, but also with politicians and other stakeholders in order to make the interests of our colleagues heard.

Leokadia Grolmus


Hi, I'm Leokadia and I'm in my 2nd semester of studying for a Master's degree in Social Economy. As chairwoman, I coordinate the work of the entire student body, organize and lead the university representation meetings and represent the ÖH externally.

The opportunity to be a voice for my fellow students gives me great joy on the one hand and is a great responsibility on the other, which I take very seriously. My biggest goals for the coming months with my team are a low-threshold access to psychotherapy, social security and the commitment to a discrimination-free UAS, where we all enjoy studying.

When I'm not in the ÖH office, I work for a market research institute, enjoy learning new languages, traveling by night train, and frying latkes. Some people in the ÖH team would say that I have a lot of fun with the Student Union Act.

You can reach me via my mail address or via all popular messenger apps and by phone at +436764750497


Katharina Becker

deputy chairwoman

My name is Katharina Becker, I study in the 4th semester Bachelor of Dietetics and since 02.12. I am the 1st deputy chairperson of our university student body.
I am Leokadia's right hand and also a consultant in the Department of Health, Sports and Accessibility. My biggest project at the moment is the psychotherapy project, in which we as ÖH try to give you students low-threshold access to psychotherapy.
When I'm not sitting in front of my laptop for the ÖH and have time besides the FH, I also work as a study direction representative for Health Sciences 2. Some people in the HV team would also say that I like apples.
I always have an open ear for concerns and suggestions and am happy about every email I receive.

Lubna Morad

2. deputy chairwoman

I am Lubna and I study social work in the 4th semester. My work in the ÖH started as a clerk in the women* and anti-discrimination department.

Since March I am now in the chair and support Leokadia and Kathi in their activities. We make sure that the ÖH does its work according to the law and that everything runs well and smoothly.

I spend a lot of my free time working on social justice and socio-political issues. Topics that are of concern to me would be mental health and anti-racism. I am on social media a lot and of course watch non-serious content for fun.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at my e-mail address or several times a week at the ÖH office.

Lubna Morad