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Our representation work

The ÖH representatives all work on a voluntary basis. Nevertheless, we take our work very seriously: In our work we are guided by the legal provisions for student unions. In addition, the ÖH FHCW has its own statutes and financial regulations, which govern our actions and management.

General Meeting Sessions

The meetings of the Hochschulvertretung are the most important body of the Hochschülinnenschaft and take place at least twice a semester. There, speakers report on their work, new speakers are elected and motions, which range from our budget to adjustments of our funding, are voted on. Here you can find all minutes of the meetings of the university representation of the last years. You can also read the reports of the speakers.

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As a statutory interest group, we strive not only to change everyday student life itself, but also to achieve improvements in the legislative process and at the societal level. To this end, we draft statements on all relevant bills or amendments in order to bring the students' point of view into the process. We also comment on ÖH-relevant topics in press releases.

Annual estimates and financial statements

If you want to know exactly what happens with your ÖH contribution, you can find the answer in our annual estimates. There you will find a summary of all cost centers and (expected) expenses of the ÖH. Our annual financial statements provide information about our management in the past years.

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Annual reports

What new projects we have started and what the ongoing work of your representation has looked like in the past years, you can find out in our annual activity reports. There you will also find summaries of all activities of the individual units.

Co-determination in the college

The FH College is das höchste Entscheidungsgremium an der FH Campus Wien, an dem Studierende partizipieren können.
Es kümmert sich um die Durchführung und Organisation des Lehr- und Prüfungsbetriebs.
Es setzt sich aus Leitung, Stellvertretung, sechs Vertreter*innen der Studiengangsleitungen, sechs Vertreter*innen des Lehr- und Forschungspersonals und vier Vertreter*innen der Studierenden zusammen.
Die vier Studierendenvertreter*innen werden von der Hochschulvertretung entsendet.

Currently you are represented by:


  • Leokadia Grolmus:
  • Jana Laumann:
  • Lubna Morad:
  • Salma Dawoud:
  • Lea Bienzle:

 Team FHCW:

  • Viktoria Stark
  • Florian Prutsch
  • Eric Schinogl


  • Jörg Treiber


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