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The war in the Ukraine means a great burden for many students at the FH Campus Wien. On this page we would like to summarize relevant information for affected colleagues from Ukraine and the Russian Federation. For us it is clear that we are there for all affected students as their representatives - because the Russian students can do nothing against the actions of the Kremlin.
In the following you will find information on financial support from the ÖH, psychosocial help and places you can turn to if you need legal advice on aliens or an emergency account.

Ukraine Emergency Fund


Many of our colleagues affected by the war in Ukraine are currently experiencing an existential emergency. If your lost (a part of) your income, you do not have access to your bank account or you are confronted with other monetary losses, we at the ÖH FH Campus Wien would like to offer you fast, unbureaucratic help.
We support you with up to 800 euros per month. In contrast to our social fund, you can submit multiple applications if an emergency persists.

Please enclose the following documents with your application:
* copy of personal document,
* proof of income and insurance details,
* Confirmation of support and benefits (alimony, study grant, fee exemption...),
* Continuous account statements of all accounts, savings accounts, credit card statements, etc. for the last three months. These documents must contain the current account balance.
*Confirmations of expenses incurred for housing, basic telephone and radio charges, health insurance, and for necessary travel to and from the place of study,
*Registration slip or written confirmation of homelessness,
*Confirmation of enrollment for the current semester,
* Notices (including negative ones) of state aid, in particular study, family and
Housing Assistance,
* Lease agreement or occupancy agreement,
* Written explanation of current hardship.
If you do not have access to these documents, please note this in your explanation. Documents in Ukrainian or Russian can also be sent untranslated.

Applications can be submitted by mail ( or by post to the following address: Social Department of the ÖH FHCW Favoritenstraße 226 1100 Vienna

All documents


The Federal Representation (ÖH) offers comprehensive advice in the context of the Ukraine war in German, English, Ukrainian and Russian. You can reach the counseling via the mail address

Immigration law advice for students is available free of charge from Helping Hands.

You can also find continuously updated information on support services in this link tree.

You can get advice on FH-specific issues: in case of psychological stress, marginalization as well as conflict with authorities - Women's and Anti-Discrimination Department (; on socio-legal issues, claims and subsidies - Sozialreferat (; on study difficulties, interruption or pause of your studies - Bildungspolitisches Referat (; in case of urgent and complex concerns our chairmanship team ( or 0676/4750497) Translated with (free version)

Psychosocial support

For all students in need of mental health support, the following organizations offer support:

  • Crisis Intervention Center // Mo – Fr 10:00 – 17:00 // 01 – 406 95 95
  • psychiatric emergency aid // 24 Stunden // (01) 31330
  • Rat auf Draht // 24 Stunden // 147
  • Helpline of the Austrian Psychologists' Association // 01/504 8000 // 9:00 – 13:00
  • Crisis Intervention of the SFU University Outpatient Clinic
    • To take advantage of the services offered by the SFU University Outpatient Clinic, email either (Psychotherapy Outpatient Clinic) or the SFU Psychological Outpatient Clinic via email at
    • Write "Crisis Intervention Ukraine ÖH" in the subject line and send a copy of your student ID when you register.
    • For students who are currently in Ukraine and cannot leave the country, an online group is offered. For this, please contact the psychological outpatient clinic at SFU.
  • Emergency contacts listed by state via

You can have your psychotherapy costs refunded by us! You can find all the information about this on the Psychotherapy Subsidy Fund page.

You can also take advantage of on-site therapy through the ÖH FH Campus Wien, more information can be found on the psychotherapy project page.

Austrian account

The first bank offers the possibility for students with Ukrainian and Russian citizenship to open emergency accounts quickly and low-threshold. The account opening can be done either in the branch or online. The required documents are:

*Confirmation of enrollment

Additionally required for Russian citizens:
* Confirmation of stay
* Registration form

Team des Sozialreferates / Betreuung Notfallfonds


Jana Laumann

Social Officer


Joanna Freiberger



Eva Kirnbauer