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Psychotherapy project

What is the psychotherapy project?

The psychotherapy project offers students at FHCW the opportunity to visit five sessions of psychotherapy cost-efficiently directly via the ÖH

How does the project work?
We offer 3 phases with max. 13 participants each
5 units of psychotherapy over a period of 5 weeks each. These phases extend over the current term. 

How and when can I apply for this project
The registration phases for the project are continuously sent out via newsletter. Please check your emails so as not to miss the registration phase. The registration phases for the summer term of 2023 are over. From winter term 2023/2024 we will continually update the registration periods and publish them here.

You can sign up with this link: Surveymonkey

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Who is the therapist for this project?
The therapy for this project is provided by Mag.a. Dr. Regina Heidenhofer and her team.

Click here to go to the website for more information: Heidenhofer psychotherapy

How does the financing work?
The financing takes place via a third party financing: The largest part is taken over by the Hochschüler*innenschaft, a part is taken over by the respective health insurance fund and 5€/unit remains for students at the end. A pre-financing by the respective student in the amount of 33€ or 45€ per unit is necessary, the bill can then be submitted to the respective health insurance and refunded. More details will be discussed with the respective participant.

I have already received financial aid for psychotherapy from my health care provider, how do I proceed?
Every person insured in Austria is entitled to financial aid for 10 sessions of psychotherapy. For this, a separate medical confirmation must be provided in order for the application for reimbursement to be permitted. For further psychotherapy, another form must be filled out by the psychotherapist and approved by the health care provider. With this follow-up application, it may not be possible to change therapists within the units approved by the application. Since we only offer 5 sessions of psychotherapy with Regina Heidenhofer, this may not be ideal for you.

I would like to receive more than 5 sessions of psychotherapy - is that possible?
Within the project, participants receive 5 units of psychotherapy per phase. We cannot guarantee that if you have received a place, you will receive another place in the following phase of the project.

However, if you would like to continue the therapy privately during the summer semester, you can apply for funding for further therapies through the psychotherapy grant pot. You can find more information about this here: Psychotherapy Grant Pot

I would like to do my psychotherapy with another psychotherapist – is that possible?
As part of this project, only psychotherapy from Mag. Dr. Regina Heidenhofer and her team. However, if you would like to receive psychotherapy from another psychotherapist, you can only do this therapy privately. However, you can apply for funding from the psychotherapy grant pot. You can find more information here: Psychotherapy Grant Pot

Your question wasn't answered here? Write to us geref@oeh-fhcw.at