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Psychotherapy grant pot

What is the psychotherapy grant pot?

We support our colleagues in making use of psychotherapeutic services. Because your health must not fail because of your wallet! The costs for your psychotherapy will be reimbursed up to 350 Euro, in case of social need up to 550 Euro!

You can apply for a grant from the psychotherapy fund once per semester.


All questions about the psychotherapy pot can be answered by the team of the health department at!

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Necessary steps

1. Read the Psychotherapy Grant Fund Policy and the accompanying Privacy Policy. Only if the guidelines are met can assistance be provided. 2. fill out the application form completely and attach copies of ALL documents and receipts requested here. 3. submit the application by mail ( or by post to the following address: Health Department of the ÖH FHCW Favoritenstraße 226 1100 Vienna

All documents

Psychotherapy Pot Team

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Julia Sosnowski

Health Officer

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Serena Hammerschmid

Sachbearbeiterin Psychotherapiezuschusstopf