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Sign language course

Sign language course

Dates (please be sure to indicate whether you are registering for ÖGS 1 or ÖGS 2 course when you register!) ÖGS 1: Tuesday, 29.03./05.04./19.04./26.04./03.05./10.05./17.05./24.05.

ÖGS 2: Thursday, 31.03./07.04./21.04./28.04./05.05./12.05./19.05./02.06

each 17:30 to 19:00 Location: Favoritenstraße 226, 1100 Vienna (the exact room will be given to you after successful registration). Contents

  • Basic vocabulary, mastering the finger alphabet
  • Communication rules ÖGS
  • Dealing with deaf people
  • Insight into the deaf culture
  • Communication exercises and practice examples
  • Gender and Diversity in the Deaf World
  • Culture and sociology of the deaf community
  • Personal description
  • Description of things
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Registration information

To register for a course, please send an email from your UAS email ( to with the following information:

Subject: Name of the course

Content: your full name your personal identification number your study program your e-mail address (even if it should be the FH-mail again) your phone number (in case of last minute changes)

IMPORTANT: We cannot consider incomplete registrations! Whether you are registered or on the waiting list, you will be informed as soon as possible by e-mail. Furthermore, you have to pay a deposit for the respective course by bank transfer, which you will get back after successful participation. Deposit: ÖGS course: 50€ Please note: the courses are exclusively for students of the FH Campus Wien. Translated with (free version)