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Mensa Bonus

A grant for students with low incomes!

The Mensen bonus can be applied for throughout the entire semester. For example, if you are in an internship at the beginning of the semester, you can submit your application in the middle or at the end of the semester. As a rule, the bonus is awarded on the Monday following submission.

Attention: The Mensen bonus must be applied for again every semester! The reason for this is that the financial situation may have changed. You will then receive a newsletter from us in good time telling you when you can submit your application.

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To apply, please fill out the following form and bring it to the ÖH office in person during opening hours: Form-Mensen-Bonus

We also provide a fill-in help for the form: Ausfüllhilfe_Mensenbonus


The Mensen-Bonus is a social grant from the ÖH FH Campus Wien and the FH Campus Wien and as such is intended to benefit those persons who are dependent on financial support during their studies.

We hope and expect that with these criteria we will only reach students worthy of support, so that we do not have to exceed the financial means. Otherwise, the Mensen-Bonus at our UAS will unfortunately have to be discontinued completely.

The Mensen-Bonus supports individuals who ...

have less than 300€ (+ 200€ per child) available per month (income minus expenses) Income does not exceed 1,000€ (+ 400€ per child).

The Mensen bonus can only be claimed once per day.