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Health Department

About us

The health, sports and accessibility unit is one of our newer units. Here we try to make it easier for our colleagues to lead a healthy lifestyle, among other things with projects and courses on health and sports. We are also your contact for accessibility issues.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Promoting awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • Course and workshop offerings to promote a healthy lifestyle, e.g. sports courses
  • Organization of department-relevant events together with the events department and the public relations department
  • Raising awareness of students and faculty on the topic of accessibility and mental health.
  • Advising students on health and accessibility issues in face-to-face meetings, by phone, or by email

If you have any ideas, wishes or suggestions, please contact

Department team


Katharina Becker

Health Officer

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Muhammed Yildirim



Julia Sosnowski



Susanne Kloss