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Women's Policy and Anti-Discrimination Department

About us

The Women's Policy and Anti-Discrimination Department sees itself as a point of contact for all students affected by discrimination and disadvantage.

You experience sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic violence and/or discrimination and exclusion by fellow students or teachers?

Do you experience sexist, homophobic, racist, transphobic, or non-gender-appropriate language use by faculty and/or students?

Due to a partial disability or any form of disability, do you find it difficult to keep up in everyday UAS life and are not adequately supported and/or disadvantaged as a result?

We offer: trustworthy counseling in all forms of discrimination, violence, assault and any kind of disadvantage. This can be done anonymously, by phone, by mail or in person.

You can reach us at!

Our offers

As the women's policy and anti-discrimination department, we regularly organize Safe_r Spaces for FLINTA, BIPoC and queer students. There you can meet people with similar realities of life and exchange ideas, make contacts and do different activities in a safe environment. We inform about our safe_r spaces on Instagram, in the newsletter and in the ÖH calendar.

The numbers of violence against women, children and young people in particular, and the resulting prohibitions on approaching and entering, have risen sharply. Violence, even in one's own family, is not only forbidden, but should be fought in any case and those affected should be protected. Racism and discrimination are also part of daily life in Austria and are not to be accepted under any circumstances. The most important telephone numbers for those affected are: Police number: 133 or 112 SMS police: 0800 | 133 133 (also emergency call for the deaf) Women's helpline: 0800 | 222 555 We as a student body also see ourselves as responsible for protecting students from violence, racism and discrimination. The first step is information and then come active offers and the call for support of affected students. Translated with (free version)

Reporting and information points

Civil Courage and Anti-Racism Work (ZARA) Austrian League for Human Rights Hotline against discrimination and intolerance Documentation Center of the Islamic Religious Community in Austria (IGGIÖ)

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