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Our chair team represents a total of 7,118 students from the FH Campus Vienna externally (as of June 2023) and coordinates the work of the university student body. Get to know us!

Offers and subsidies

From courses to psychotherapy: You can find a summary of all our offers for students here.

Current affairs

Here we summarize the most important information for you about studying and the student's union.

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We're standing up for you.

As your student union, we advocate for our fellow students on all levels. We convene with the University, policy makers, and call attention towards students’ needs through public statements and press releases. We also report about our activities in our public yearly reports. More about our representative work

These are our Departments

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Social Policy Department

Your support in all things money and social aid. Do you have questions and/or problems of a financial or social nature? Then the social services department is your ideal contact person!

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Education Policy Department

Do you have a problem or question regarding study law? Then the Education Policy Department is your point of contact! The Education Policy Department will advise you on all matters relating to examination regulations, including possibly unjustified repetition.

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Anti-rassism and Accessibility Department

This department is responsible for all matters relating to sensitive experiences, empowerment and fights for a sustainably good coexistence, regardless of origin, appearance and limitations. Together with the Department for Queer Feminism, they are an important support so that people who have negative experiences in relation to their person are seen and heard.

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Health Department

Your contact person for all things (mental) health. The health department also takes care of the psychotherapy project and the psychotherapy grant and organizes cool courses such as yoga or meditation courses.

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Department for Queer Feminism

This is your point of contact for negative experiences about your identity, sexual orientation and gender. This department also takes care of cool events to increase awareness and, together with the department for anti-racism and accessibility, forms an important support so that people who have negative experiences regarding their person are seen and heard.

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Department for Public Relations and Sustainability

This department coordinates how our student's union is represented on social media and gives you an idea of ​​what things we have already achieved, want to achieve and what things we are currently offering. The department also ensures that sustainability is not only discussed on our campus, but also lived. Stay up-to-date with our public relations and sustainability department.

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Events Department

The events department, like all other departments, is an important support of our student's union. Because in addition to the serious topics, you shouldn't forget the fun. Our events department takes care of events such as winter & summer at the University of Applied Schiences, breakfast campaigns and much more. In addition, the events department has replaced the external location department and is now your contact person if you study at an external location.


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In Depth-Neuigkeiten

Stellenausschreibung September/ Oktober

Stellenausschreibung Hochschüler*innenschaft an der FH Campus Wien Die Hochschüler*innenschaft an der FH Campus Wien sucht motivierte und engagierte Studierende zur Verstärkung unseres Teams. Als dynamische Organisation setzen wir uns für

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Stellenausschreibung 09/23

Stellenangebot: Sachbearbeiter*in im Sozialreferat (12x 100€), Stellvertretende*r Wirtschaftsreferent*in (12x 250€), Sachbearbeiter*in im Gesundheitsreferat (12x 100€) Die Hochschüler*innenschaft an der FH Campus Wien sucht motivierte und engagierte Personen, die unser Team

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Stellenausschreibung September 2023

Wir suchen DICH! Wir als Hochschüler*innenschaft an der FH Campus Wien suchen noch tatkräftige Unterstützer*innen um die Rechte der Studierenden zu verbessern und durchzusetzen! Wir suchen: 1x Stlv. Wirtschaft Referent*in

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Abgeänderter JVA Einsicht

Liebe Studierende, ab heute ist der Abgeänderte JVA 23-24 der in der ersten ordentlichen HV Sitzung abgestimmt wird zur Einsicht im Büro und wird auch auf der Website zur Einsicht

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Stellenausschreibungen August 2023

Wir suchen für unser starkes Team an Studierendenvertreter*innen tatkräftige Unterstützung! Bewerbungen an: bewerbung@oeh-fhcw.at Offene Stellen: 2x Sachbearbeiter*innen im Bildungspolitischem Referat 2x Sachbearbeiter*innen im Sozialpolitischem Referat 1x Sachbearbeiter*in im Veranstaltungsreferat 1x

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There are now three people in our chair, all of whom are studying nursing. For this reason, I hope to be a good voice for you from the health and nursing degree programs, because we are rarely seen and heard in general politics."
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Larissa Fiona Andracik
1. Deputy Chair

Aid in your course of study

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Where can your student union support you?

As your student representative, we have made it our goal to support you throughout your studies. We not only help you with advice, we are also there for you with our social fund and subsidy pots, refer you to psychological student counseling or writing advice and also offer you a plotter and binding service in the student's union office.

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Social Pot

Our social pot is there for you if you find yourself in financial distress. The social services department will also be happy to provide you with further advice.​

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Psychotherapy Grant

With our psychotherapy pot you receive a subsidy for your psychotherapy. Because your mental health must not fail because of finances.​

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Tackling Anti-Racism and Anti-Queerphobia

There must be no room for racism, sexism, queerphobia, ableism and many other -isms in our student's union and at our university of applied sciences. We advise you in precarious situations.

Upcoming Events

You want to get to know us, participate in exciting workshops, or take part in one of our Safe_r Spaces? You can find an overview of all our upcoming events here.

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We want you!

Whether you want to be a Department Speaker, Department Clerk, Year Representative or Student Representative: We support you in applying yourself for your fellow students.

Students Union
at the University of Applied Sciences

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A-1100 Wien

Phone:   +43 1 60668771990
Mail: info@oeh-fhcw.at

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Business hours

Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday: closed

Telephone numbers for office staff – available from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

Monday and Tuesday: +43 670 6524360

Wednesday and Thursday: +43 670 6524948

Friday: +43 681 107 878 34